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At Epic we have a saying. “Wherever you are, whoever you are, we invite you to come and experience what this life is all about.” This is more than a saying. This is the heart of who we are and who we aspire to be as a church.

Treating every person with respect and dignity is a core value of our church, and we strive to do this more everyday. We may stumble, but we are called to love God with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength and to love all neighbors as ourselves.

Covid-19 Updates

Epic Church,

I wanted to update everyone on what the church’s response will be to the city government’s update of our Epic Church,

I wanted to update everyone on what the church’s response will be to the city government’s update of our COVID-19 risk dial to RED on November 6, 2020.

The government is NOT implementing a city wide shut down, but it is recommending changes take place as a result of the current heightened threat level.  

If we were to temporarily shut down our in person celebration services we would still need a core group of people to come Sunday morning to implement the virtual service. Given this reality, I do not think we need to completely shut down our Sunday morning in person gatherings.  However, I believe that we have the opportunity to honor and respect our government as we are told to do in Titus 3:1 and as such we need to take this heightened threat level seriously.

In response to the government’s recommendations, we are going to be increasing our efforts in social distancing. While the threat level remains at RED we are requesting that anybody who is able to, please wear a mask when entering the building and whenever possible while in the building. Seats in the sanctuary have been rearranged and set 6 feet apart, and we will continue to take offerings through the giving box near the front door, online, or via mail. Children’s church is also taking measures to heighten social distancing and all children preschool and above will be requested to wear masks during celebration times. I have struggled with this decision, and what our response should be to the higher risk level. Like many of you, just flat out don’t like wearing masks, but as Christians we are called to show love, and be respectful at all times.  I believe the call to love our neighbors is a mandate we can not ignore. In this season, loving others looks like ‘living in such a way as to not let another believer stumble’ (Romans 14).

We have been, and will continue to work hard on updating the quality of our online services. We have new cameras, and are running a digital system to bring the best quality services we can to our virtual environments. This week we hope to have our services on both Facebook and Youtube (which offers a higher resolution video stream) as well. I am really excited to inform you guys that this week we have also been working on a way to provide a stream of Pastor Sheri and the children’s team leading the kids celebration as well. This stream should be available either late Sunday or early Monday on our Facebook page.

I want fully express that I understand that many of you may choose to worship from home this Sunday and this decision is not in any way a bad one. No matter where you tune in from, whether in person, or online you are still a part of Epic. We are one church, and we are Epic together. You are loved, and we want to show that in every way we can.

In Christ,
Pastor Bobby Cunningham

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