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What is a service at Epic like?

Come how you are, and be who you are. 
We want to open the doors to all people and provide a place for any person who is searching for a little bit of "epic" in their life.

Sing loud, or sing soft.
People tend to approach music differently, and they approach God differently. We try to do all we can to make you comfortable, we dim the lights so you can know nobody is watching, how or even whether you are singing. We sing contemporary music and long to make the music relevant and impactful for you life.

Kids will be kids. 
We get it. Kids are awesome, lovable, but kinda crazy sometimes. We know the best way to having a meaningful time with God for both kids and parents is to have unique experiences for all ages. Every service we offer nursery, and excellent bible teaching for any age children, while parents can enjoy the teaching and music in the main sanctuary.

You might just make it to lunch on time. 
 We don't try and shorten our time with God, but we also understand that there are other things on your mind. We try to keep our services to 90 minutes, so you can have time to take what you learn out into the world.

Where and When?

Sundays @ 10

Church Online Campus

Online Service